How it works

Speed up your product development, minimize delivery risks and bring genuine value to your customers – all in three simple steps.

Step 1


Adobe XD

Use any of the established design tools to rapidly iterate on your product ideas, and go from inception to an interactive, high-fidelity prototype at a fraction of the time. Focusing on the look and feel of your product and validating the important aspects before jumping into the development phase allows you to save resources and gain confidence in your product-level decisions.

When your prototype is ready for the next phase, clean up the design file and generate a public access link. Make sure to allow access to anyone with the link as our team will be using it to assess the implementation complexity of your product. Don't worry, your prototype is kept confidential at all times and used only to the extent required to provide the service.

Finally, submit that link together with other useful information through our application form.

Step 2


We will reach out to you within one working day (typically sooner) of the prototype submission to schedule a briefing call. At that stage, we'll aim to understand the full scope of the development effort, taking into account your specific needs and preferences.

We will also go through the terms of our prospective agreement that are in many ways standard to ensure speed, clarity and transparency, yet flexible enough to accomodate your interests as well.

If you're unsure about certain development aspects of the product, we'd be happy to assist you and share recommendations tailored specifically to your situation.

Within a few days of our briefing call we will reach out to you again to extend a product development proposal. The document will describe the development scope, estimated timeline, final price and all other agreed terms of our engagement.

We'd be happy to address any remaining concerns you might have before accepting the terms and moving on to the last step.

Step 3


Once the agreement is e-signed, we'll start assembling a team of pre-vetted, senior-level software engineers, who will be building your product. We ensure that the team possesses the required technical skills and writes clean, modern, production-ready code.

At the same, we'll introduce you to your dedicated product manager, who will ensure that the development is performed to the highest of standard. He will also keep you updated on the progress and address any possible concerns.

Once your product is fully developed and thoroughly tested, we'll hand over the entire codebase into your posession. If needed, we'd also be happy to assist you with deployment of your product to production.

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